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Don't you EVER smile?
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I am a veritable ball of fucking sunshine. 




pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything



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Dear Internets,

Don’t say I never gave you anything.



Mad Max: Fury Road - SDCC 2014 Trailer



For context:

ChaosLife: Better Batter

A quick vegan recipe! We promise you don’t have to be vegan to like it, we’re not.


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Thank you thank you thank you for that last page of Find Chaos. I don't know if you were hinting at homophobia or mental illness but the whole page made me cry and really let me know that someone was out there who got it. Finally finally got it. Like Mary I was thrown away by many people and every time I see others even monsters described in black and white I get upset all over again and ugh. I just really really needed this comic in my life. Thank you muchly for all you two do.
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Thank you for the sweet words and for understanding the tone of the page. 

As a personal note, it was about a lot of things — mostly about mental illness, because that’s something I deal with daily — and the absolutes (black and whites, as you said) that people still make out mental illness to be. It was also about simply being othered, whether that’s because of your brain weasels, your race, your gender, your sexuality, etc., etc. 

The long and the short of that specific page was that no one is a “monster” just because of who they inherently are, and society is too quick to judge and be intolerant of others for their innate differences. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of this Chapter of FindChaos, it will be a doozy. 


There are so many major surprises coming very quickly down the road, yet they all come from a place of substance and foreshadowing. I’m so proud of K’s storytelling finesse and thrilled that our strange tale can hit such personal notes.

Lots of love to anyone who had a chord struck this week. <3

As for me:





FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 37

Mary’s revelation.


Aaaaaand that’s why Mary is my favourite. You go girl.

I love this comic so much.

THEY’RE DANGEROUS!? Also, Raven with the best line of the night. Again. Damn. (and pose. I snorted at that pose.)

In case you missed the wordy update, here it is again! Well worth a deeper read-through.

It’s kind of amazing that EVERY SINGLE CAT fucked up this photo.

FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 37

Mary’s revelation.





I hit an unexpected bump with the rent and bills, so I’m opening up commissions again! it will help me not get rusty as well. If you would like a badass beastie like these (these have been some of my fav commissions) then hit me up! prices vary from 35USD to 20USD depending on detail, and I can add extra figures at a discount, glyph icons/avatars are at 10USD, and if you’d like a tattoo commission we can discuss pricing. 

My first commissioners get a cheaper rate because I have some bills coming up! 

please signal boost if you can! 

Ya’ll should commission Mona for some awesome art, if you can, because DAMN! Look at those gorgeous beasts!

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