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Every single friday this kid just shows up dressed as link I love this school

Does he talk

he does but whenever someone calls his name for roll call he just goes “HEUH” 

what happened in this young man’s life that made him think “damn, every friday i’m gonna go to school dressed as link”

(via ruinedchildhood)

Konstantin Encounters A Force Field

The cats got a new litter box today. It didn’t go well.

Blown Away

A little fanart of PB and Marceline enjoying a super sweet moment.

With a huge batch of new followers (hell yeah! Thank you, everyone!) there has naturally come a huge batch of new Asks. There’s just one problem: so many of them have been asked and answered already! As in, more often than I would feel right inflicting upon all of you again. I care.

To better accommodate followers old and new, my lovely wife, K, has done the heroic deed of creating a brand spankin’ new About Page! It covers everything from our comics and upcoming projects to how we met and sexuality mysteries! Go read it!

Does this mean I don’t plan on answering Asks? Of course not! My box is always open,* so if you’re still curious about anything, just drop a line! I love a good question. Hell, I love bad questions. I’m a fickle person, which makes it all the better that the About Page exists now. Thanks, K, my sweet little ocelot!

*If you chuckled, you’re going to Hell.



Blood Root flyer postcards for Wondercon! There’s some weird artifacting in the second streak that I’ll fix in the next batch, but I wanted to at least start getting the word out early!

So Awesome!!!They look amazing, I can’t wait! My name is on a thing going where I am not!


(Also, cool-as-hell postcard design.)

Challenge: Find The Hungry Snake

Haku has lately gotten into the habit of letting us know when he’s hungry by wedging himself between the glass of his vivarium door and the plexiglass substrate barrier,* eager to see us. It’s like absolute clockwork since we feed him every Tuesday/Wednesday. After he’s had his two pinkies, he disappears back into the flowers and vines until next week’s dinner time. Typical teenager.


*(This made more sense back when we tried to use typical substrates, which his prissy ass hated. Since then, he gets nice cotton and linen towels that get switched out every other day. I bought that brown linen napkin for Thanksgiving, god damnit. Now it’s just a place for a snake to hide and poop.)

ChaosLife: Homo Hint

Wait, everyone else met Pete the Peacock, right?

Haku chilling after checking out the sunny day.

There’s… something you should know.

No, Peter.
That’s a much worse picture.

No, Peter.
That’s a much worse picture.

We needed two simple headshots of the cats today, so naturally they split at the sight of the camera. Eventually we tracked down Konstantin and got that cheery shot above, all while Peter hid behind the blankets nearby. Facing the wrong way. And he still managed to blink in the photo.

If ever we wanted two photos that captured their individual personalities, I guess you could say we nailed it. For anything else, I think we’ll just have to try again later.