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The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.


The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.

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I just got into you and A's 'ChaosLife' webcomic recently. (fell inlove with it the moment I saw it) Honestly speaking, the more I look at your picture, the more I keep on thinking how you'd be the genderbended version of Gaki...I'm sorry if this made you angry or something...
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Haha, that’s odd but I’m okay with it. I’m not an easily offended person and I’ve always thought of my features as “quirky,” his seem to be in the same boat, so it’s not a struggle to see why. Plus, I guess we both smoke constantly, drink too much tea and have shite luck, so…

Time to seduce my wife. She’ll totally go for this, right?

ChaosLife: Pocket Proposal

A personal proposal to pants purveyors.*

And thanks to our Patreon patrons, this isn’t even the last ChaosLife of the week! Thanks everyone and stay tuned!

*Of course, we know it’s possible to find women’s jeans with real pockets, but it shouldn’t be as ridiculously hard as it is, should it?
Asker Anonymous Asks:
I married early, at 19. My husband has cheated about 3 times now and it hasn't even been a full year since the wedding. Should I leave him?
findchaos findchaos Said:

In all seriousness, though, I think you already know the answer to that question.

It would be one thing if you guys had an open relationship, had discussed any sex outside of your marriage, or basically had made any plans at all for this sort of thing, but I’m willing to bet that since you refer to it as straight-up cheating, you’re not feeling okay about this and you don’t have to. I don’t really have a lenient side when it comes to people violating others’ trust, as in this situation, so if you’re looking for any reconciliation tips, you might have to seek those out elsewhere.

On the upside, you’re young, you’re catching this problem early instead of years down the road, and you’re likely only just getting started at being relatively independent in the world. If you decide to cut him loose and start fresh, you’ll barely notice this unfortunate hiccup in a few years. Things don’t always work out, especially not with chronic assholes. Doing what’s right for you will make you feel all the more self-assured and confident in the future.

Good luck!

FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 23

"It will be over soon."

Haku Exploring

Haku doing his favorite things: exploring from a hand-perch and avoiding the camera.

GTFO OF MY ROOM: Snake Edition


Having a weird day. My spouse said I had “the crazy eyes”.

Because we live in the sort of relationship where you can say “sweetie, you’re gorgeous, but you’ve got some serious crazy eyes today,” and it’s not divorce.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello gosh this is awkward but the girl I really like happens to really like red pandas. I mean she's really invested in liking them so could you lay off hating on red pandas? Or at least don't tag it. I mean your views are your views and to be honest I'm not a huge advocate myself but help me out here would you?
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An amazing and AWESOME artwork by bennettslater

"Very Distant Lands"
oil on wood

Here’s my piece for Cartoon Network and Gallery 1988: LA's “Adventure Time Show”.

In preparation for this one, I rewatched all 150 existing episodes and took note of every object involved in the story. I fit as many as I could into this, but needless to say, the cutting room floor is insan