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Comic Illustration Clip

A short little clip of FindChaos (specifically this page) being drawn. It also illustrates exactly how rough my “pencils” are (those light grey squiggles all over the place) before I draw the final lines. I’m an inker’s worst nightmare.





I really wanted to ask a question because you and Stiffler are so cool and interesting, but I can't think of anything, so could you just tell another one of your awesome anecdotes?
findchaos findchaos Said:


No, you’re cool.


Once upon a time, on a Valentine’s Day not too many years ago, I was a florist. I worked with flowers and tissue paper and vases and balloons all day and I rarely had any time to spend with Stiffler. Of course, since this was Valentine’s Day, I had to work — yet again. I spent all day making gorgeous bouquets for other people’s loved ones and by the time I got home, I fell into bed exhausted without so much as a peck on Stiffler’s cheek.

I had to go into work the next day, too, but at least I would be home by the afternoon this time. At the end of my shift, I went to leave and my manager pulled me aside. She commended me for a job well done on Valentine’s and the cleanup phase, and told me to take the leftover Valentine’s Day balloons home to Stiffler. I stared in shock at her.

"All of them…?"

"If you want! We’ll just throw them out otherwise. The hospitals said they have too many, I guess everyone went a little crazy on balloons this year!"

I stared back at the balloons. It was true, we had gone overboard with them and everyone had steered clear of buying them that year, for some odd reason. And these weren’t normal balloons, oh no, they were the giant vellum balloons in every flavor imaginable — big red hearts, teddy bears, big clear hearts with little pink hearts inside of them, roses, champagne glasses, huge bows and bunnies, etc., — and there were over 300 of them. I knew. I had blown 450 of them ALL up myself over the past three days (at my manager’s request) and we had only sold maybe 70 or so, plus a few that had popped. 

I stared again. “…Okay.” I shook my head, got out of my apron, slipped on my backpack and went to work gathering all of the balloons together. With all of the balloon clips safely under my tightly bunched hand and the many, many ribbons tangling wildly, I headed outside.

Did I mention we don’t have a car? We walk everywhere. I walked to and from work every day back then. And I was about to walk home with 300+ giant, bright balloons. I was all in black, with my dark hair tied high, a tall drink of water wearing a black leather backpack and probably looking like the most insane renegade balloon assassin.

I had to stay in the middle of the sidewalk, because the total amount of balloons spread out so wide that if I had walked to either side, they’d impede upon buildings or the busy road. Several cars honked and waved. Several pedestrians stopped and just stared at me. A lot of people laughed. I held my head high and clomped on home.

Getting in the door was the trickiest part, and I think Stiffler nearly fainted when I was finally able to pop in with the balloons spilling everywhere. Stiffler was happily surprised, though, especially when imagining shy, paranoid me walking home with a bright red and pink beacon above my head.

We put the balloons in the bathroom (it has 20ft ceilings) and one by one, they lost their helium and slowly fell over the weeks, usually surprising us when we were on the toilet or in the shower.

So, once upon a time, on a Valentine’s Day not too long ago, I gave Stiffler the gift of Terrifying Pee-Pee Balloons.

If there’s one thing that makes for a memorable Valentine’s Day gift, it’s something that equal parts showy and embarrassing to the gifter. It was also intensely romantic and provided many terrifying showers. One of our bathroom windows still has the slight imprint of a heart-shaped balloon that stayed pressed up to it for, I kid you not, months.

I searched everywhere for photos of this ridiculous, amazing thing K did, but apparently 2011 might as well have been Oregon Trail Times as far as our current tech’s compatibility goes. I also couldn’t find a photo of the massive bathroom cluster, so you’ll have to enjoy a photo of a photo of the spillover balloons that wouldn’t fit with the rest of the balloons that made this story. This easily represents only one-fifth of what I was handed.

So meta.


Check out buffalo cauliflower, you will not be dissappointed. -this is THE BEST way to eat cauliflower- There are varying recipes all over the internet. I veganized it. I did a flour/water batter with garlic salt, pepper, and franks. Roasted for 20 min in 450 degree oven on oiled sheets . Tossed in the buffalo sauce: mixed earth balance butter and more franks. Another 5-10 mins in the oven. Perfect, addictive, delicious.

Well, damn, that sounds and looks delicious! And as someone who has always been picky about non-butter butters, I can doubly vouch for how good Earth Balance is. With Frank’s Red Hot, too? I need this snack.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey there! I hope you two have been doing well, and this is the anon that messaged you before about cosplaying Find Chaos! I wanted to let you know that the idea has /not/ been forgotten, it's just that we've been having some minor planning issues and the wig for Arthur is being ordered sometime real soon - we just pray the color is correct or as close as possible. We love reading all the updates of Find Chaos! Thank you for making such an awesome webcomic.
findchaos findchaos Said:

That’s awesome to hear and good luck with everything!

I freaking love cosplay, but can appreciate how incredibly difficult and time-consuming it can be to get things right, so I stick to admiring it from afar. It’s easily 500% more exciting for me when our characters are getting cosplayed, so thanks a million for that! And don’t fret too much about the color, I’m sure that as long as it’s blue as hell, it will be pretty damned close!


Hello! First I'd like to say your style of art is beautiful, I love it a lot :) Second, your short comic thing named "Never" was glorious but i can't quite seem to remember it. Only that I loved it. I hope I'm not being rude when I ask this, but when do you think people will be able to read it again?
findchaos findchaos Said:

Hi there, and thank you so much!

It’s not rude at all to ask, Never certainly is one of our hardest-to-find comics! We had a site devoted to it some time ago (much like Every Day and Forever), but it irreparably broke during a site migration and we just haven’t had the time or resources to restore it, yet. Emphasis on “yet,” because we do indeed plan on getting it back online so it will be available for anyone to read for free.


In the meantime, the only way to get ahold of Never is collected with the two previously mentioned comics in a hi-res PDF, "Three Horrors," that you can buy on GumRoad for $2 (or Sellfy for the same price, if you’re adverse to using PayPal). The upside is that you’ll get to see all of them in much higher detail than we have or ever will distribute them online!

So, sorry I couldn’t give you an instant, free option, but we are working on it! <3

Asker elparra Asks:
I didn't get it. Simon or Ice King? (or both as a whole?)
findchaos findchaos Said:


If you’re referring to this, then you’re in for a doozy of an answer, sorry!

Simon and the Ice King are the same person, the crown has just warped his mind so much that some parts of himself are bent, misaligned or altogether misplaced. However, just because someone’s mind might be wired to short-circuit now and again (or, in his case, long-term), it doesn’t mean they’re an altogether different person — it’s the same person reacting to different stimuli.

That’s why I identify with a children’s show character over so many other characters I could have named. Losing yourself to a mental illness (especially, schizophrenia or dementia, etc.) is much the same way Simon loses parts of himself to the crown and, eventually, is simply known as “The Ice King.” He’s still Simon, though. That’s evidenced by his longing for love,

his random acts of kindness (and overall, gentleness),

his heartbreak when he knows he’s done something wrong,

and even his moments of clarity where he can see through the fog.

Having a psychotic episode is a lot like this — I am still 100% myself, but my mind is reacting in ways that are odd or may be hard for people to understand. I’m still there, though, under the crown — under the hurt, the sadness, under seeing and hearing things no one else does, underneath regret and pain.

That’s why I identify with him — Simon/The Ice King. I’m constantly afraid of one day losing myself completely, and every day is a battle to keep my sanity (mostly) intact.

Sometimes I slip, sometimes the crown gets put back on — it never really is fully taken off for me. But it’s enough to know that the people around me care and will support me through my mind’s bad spells, through my panic, the different stimuli I’m constantly subjected to and the sadness.

Our brains may have ice crystals formed around them, but our hearts are still warm. Don’t forget we’re still in here, even if we forget ourselves…

Another tricky issue that K masterfully explains with Adventure Time. She is a wizard and very much loved.


FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 39

Chapter Death Toll (So Far): 5


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FindChaos: Unkindness, Page 39

Chapter Death Toll (So Far): 5


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