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My Dark Mark tattoo
Kevin at Eternal Tattoos
Livonia, MI 08/09/14

So kick-ass!!!


Selfie Saturday - Blonde
Someone told me gentlemen prefer blondes, so I guess I’ll go back to being brunette now. 

When it comes to you, I like it all ways. Take that as you will.


Selfie Saturday - Blonde

Someone told me gentlemen prefer blondes, so I guess I’ll go back to being brunette now. 

When it comes to you, I like it all ways. Take that as you will.

Kitten Cuddles POV

A very up close and personal view of petting Jiji while he falls asleep.


Dóchas - Patreon Preview!

Hey party people! Over on our Patreon, we’ve posted up a few new things, as well as a .PDF to one of the charitable organizations we had the pleasure of working with this year, Dóchas! They commissioned us to do illustrations for their Code of Conduct, which will be used to aid them and other charitable organizations in their pursuit to help without hurting! Thanks to everyone who’s supporting us, we hope you give the pamphlet a gander! 

One of the perks of supporting us through Patreon: all kinds of bonus material!

And hey, even if you can’t personally contribute, please be sure to share our Patreon and spread the word, because it’s that funding that will allow us to create even more comics and content that we can share with everyone! It’s a win-win no matter how you cut it!


ChaosLife: Magical Moniker

Like you didn’t expect us to be in that House.


Hello, daytime folk! Have a reblog.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How do your cats get along?
findchaos findchaos Said:

Great, actually!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your current pictures and your old pictures are like looking at two completely different sets of people. Neither one of you look like yourselves. Did you actually change that much, or is it just the picture quality from the old ones?
findchaos findchaos Said:

Yes, to both!

It was a really old, practically first-gen digital camera that produced an image that we’ve saved and compressed many times over since 2003. Otherwise: That’s called growing up, Billy. (I realize your name likely isn’t “Billy,” but that’s what I’m going with.)

Since that picture was taken in 2003, as mentioned, that means literally over a decade has passed since that picture was taken, which could account for some physical differences. Think of the pictures from a decade into your past. They’re probably really different. You might even be significantly taller from then, if you’re young enough.

You’ll find that fashions change, you lose a lot of latent baby-fat in your face, and you get a better sense of yourself. Eventually, your pictures start looking like edgier, more confident versions of yourself. The “I’m posing with my prom date” vibe starts to wear away from your expressions. The cold, dead stare of adulthood seeps in and your apprehensive wonder is replaced with predatory certainty. The world is out to get you and you’ll be damned if it’s going to win. Life is survival. Who you were ten years ago would be eaten by modern you. They would be fodder. They would be sobbing in your arms as you whispered, “just let it happen. Let it happen.

It’s quiet, now.

The void is always quiet.

I guess we look a little different.

@ianbrooks said: you should have the new wedding ceremony at Cedar Point because YEAH


K doesn’t like rides, which is some kind of irony for living so close to the official rollercoaster capital of the world. We’ll probably have the ceremony at a nice park or conservatory. It’ll be very tasteful, but lack rollercoasters.

That she knows of.

How do you and Stiffler feel about possibly being legally married soon? My partner and I are hoping it will happen soon.
findchaos findchaos Said:


Uuuuuuugh, we almost went to the Cincinnati rally but our work schedules just wouldn’t permit it. Our fingers are so crossed for the 6th Circuit Court that they’re just pretzels right now, but we’re also used to disappointment.

Ifwe are able to be legally married in Ohio (we already had to travel to MA to get a certificate), we’ll definitely be holding a new and better ceremony that can include our friends and hopefully our internet pals and fans in some way.

 If it happens we’ll be ecstatic to not have to go through so much red tape here, and it will be a load off to not dread taxes or other legal barriers that keep us from doing so much right now.

If is a very big hope right now.

Good luck to you and yours, and everyone else…

…and to the If.

Every now and then, some relatively minor-to-some political issue comes crashing right down on your doorstep. It’s a big deal to us, and I am both holding my breath and wondering how long it takes to asphyxiate.

It’s 2014.

Why are we still battling these things out.

No, that’s not a question, because it’s pure admonition at this point.

And if one. single. person. dares to complain about how marriage equality is less important than “x issue,” than I’ll explain to them how human rights work by making them wish they had more.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your hypothetical wizard son is really hot omg
findchaos findchaos Said:

That’s exactly the kind of ego boost Piss-In-A-Jar-With-Iron-Nailsian needs right now.

Thank you.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you and Stiffler have jobs other than writing/drawing (which is absolutely fantastic)?
findchaos findchaos Said:


Thank you.

And yes and no. 

We survive 100% off of our illustration and writing currently, which is in no way limited to, but includes: our ongoing comics ChaosLife and FindChaos, freelance articles, graphic design, colorist work, charity work, occasional commission work and being in numerous amazing anthologies — like Smut Peddler 2014, Beyond, and Blood Root Issue 2.

A big part of our income comes from our Patreon, where folks can get sneak peeks, anthology previews, insider blogs, tutorials and special podcasts, among other things. We also sell some of our comics on Sellfy and/or GumRoad and plan to print a few in the near future to have for sale. We have a Society6 store, as well as an Etsy store where we feature new products, too. We always have prints available if folks want them — I should probably mention that more often.

We work about 10 hours a day, on average (probably more) and much of our schedule is simply… drawing and writing. We do take breaks here on Tumblr and other social media places, partly to give our hands something else to do (always exercise your wrists!) and partly because Social Media is pretty important to a business. We don’t make a shit-ton of money, but we make enough to survive off ramen, feed our cats better food than us, keep the electric on, and buy the occasional new sex toy.

We’re in love with each other, we’re in love with our work, and we work very, very hard at it day in and day out. We usually don’t take off holidays, birthdays or even times when we’re sick — it’s just that important to us to keep creating and to keep sharing our creations with the people that love them.

So, yeah, this is definitely our full-time job. We’re pretty lucky and always very, very busy!

A perfect summary of the triumphs and trials of self-employment in the creative field.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. <3