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Another glimpse into our Beyond Anthology story "The Next Day" as it takes shape! K’s eye for textures really shines through!



The debate, now explained with jokes!

Why Net Neutrality Matters (And What You Can Do To Help)

Do you like posting to Tumblr? Wanna continue? Well, soon, you might have to pay for it just like Cable TV.

Reblog and make your voice heard to secure the internet as a free-for-all! 

I know “this is important” is a little overused on Tumblr, but seriously, if you’re here, reading this and like doing that:




Check it out, visit, and keep posting about this anywhere you can. In fact, there’s an official Reddit thread about this where they’re collecting personal stories and opinions as to why you think Net Neutrality is important. Add your own voice to the message and it could be sent right to the people in charge of this crap. We did!

Jiji Updates — Peter still won’t let him come near, so they nap in tandem; shortly after, Jiji got his first bath to wash off the shelter funk. He was not impressed by water.


‘Tacky’, A Parody of Pharrell’s Hit Song ‘Happy’ by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Came into this video expecting it to be great, it turned out to be 100x more amazing than that. Also:

And his name will be: Jiji!

While we certainly didn’t mean to continue the Miyazaki-themed name trend, that’s the name that we both secretly harbored a passion for. It suits his lil’ personality well and will age with him when he inevitably gets older and sassy.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone, and we can’t wait to share more of Jiji with you!

Camera = way more interesting than current battle.

Say hello to our new little friend!

Yes, he has one eye.

No, we don’t have a name yet.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You might not have "resting murder face" if you smiled more! :D
findchaos findchaos Said:

Good point! Let’s see…




Asker Anonymous Asks:
r u a boy or a girl??? o.O
findchaos findchaos Said:

Actual Thought: “Oh neat, I can see myself in the monitor! I’ll take a picture!”
Reality: This.
Conclusion: I have Resting Murder Face.

Konstantin is the most determined cuddler.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
gay ass whore
findchaos findchaos Said: