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Asker thedarthness Asks:
Do you have any favorite video games?
findchaos findchaos Said:

Only in the way that would make avid video game players cringe. I hardly ever play them, so my favorites are either rampant nostalgia or fairly straightforward and short. In no particular order, they are:

  • Final Fantasy 7 - Y’know how this game has rabid fans who still go nuts over any mention of it and hold out hope that it will be remade (for the consoles) with modern graphics despite years and years of constant disappointment and mounting evidence of its unlikelihood? Yeah, I’m one of those. Sephiroth 4 Eva.
  • Tekken - I love fighting games, and this one has been a favorite since the beginning. The graphics keep getting better, the characters keep getting goofier, and the plot has been beyond me since it expanded past “people who like hitting stuff.”
  • Little Big Planet - So sue me. It’s adorable, the physics are fun, and it has both Stephen Fry and John Cleese as voice actors.
  • Guilty Gear X - Another fighting game, different style. I love Capcom 2-D animation-style fighting games and this one was one of the best. Plus, I can kick a lot of ass as Bridget.
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee - I would say that to hate this, you’d have to be Satan, but I bet he’s really great at winning with Mr. Game & Watch. That motherfucker…
  • Burnout 3: Takedown - Drive fast. Drive very, very fast. Intentionally wreck people and yourself. Laugh at explosions. Good music.
  • Twisted Metal Black - Yep, these games are that old. See “Burnout 3: Paradise,” and add “be an evil clown/priest/ghost/cop/trucker” and hilarity ensues.

So, if you haven’t guessed by now, games aren’t exactly my genre, but I’ve still managed to develop a fondness for some old friends. The last time I tried my hand at modern games, it consisted of nothing but me screaming, “WHY ARE THEY ALL SHOOTING AT ME, GOD DAMN IT, WHY DOES MY GUY HAVE THE COORDINATION OF A DRUNK MONKEY WEARING OVEN MITTS?! HE’S DYING. FUCK, HE IS DYING SO BA- he’s dead.”

I’ll take beating up people as a genderqueer nun, thank you very much.

I’ve been drawing non-stop for a long time now and will be for the next few hours/days/etc., but I need to get into the habit of taking wrist-breaks to ward off scary tendon explosions. That’s where you guys come in! If you’d be so kind as to Submit An Ask or two, I’ll have a valid excuse to put down my pen now and then!

I can’t promise they’ll all be answered, let alone right away, because, y’know, still working, but it should be fun! Any topics are welcome, and thanks in advance!

Have another link, ‘cause the other one is all the way over there.

I guess I don’t need that hand back.

The secret to our marriage.

Just wondering from the excellent gif usage, just how big of Adventure Time fans are you and Stiffler? Favorite episodes? I haven't seen them all, but personally I like the one where Jake becomes a day QwQ
findchaos findchaos Said:


We’re pretty huge fans! We have a poster on our wall, our desktop, laptop and phone backgrounds are all AT related and we get nervously excited about each new episode. We both love cartoons, so it’s natural that AT would resonate with its subversiveness and great animation. Of course, we each have myriads of reasons for being fans, but a list of my personal favorite episodes might help peg it a bit. If I could, I’d type all day about all of the episodes and how beautiful they are, how they usually teach some sort of great moral, and how they have plenty of cultural references to choose from. But I’ll spare you the pain of my rambling and just give you my personal list of Top 5 Adventure Time Episodes(Potential Spoilers Below) 

Ricardio The Heart Guy

Neither of us are big Princess Bubblegum fans, even though she’s a badass chick that’s portrayed as smart and strong. However, with this episode, I respected her character a lot more. Not only did she stand up for herself but it was the first time in a long time I’d seen a woman on-screen actually beat a harassing guy to a pulp. I think it sends a good message to girls that they shouldn’t have to put up with harassment and advances from other people just because they feel entitled to them, and they should fight back if they feel like they’re in danger.

Memory of a Memory

This one explored Marceline’s past a bit more, and also gave a look at her softer side. It dealt with abusive relationships and how easy it is to forget about emotional manipulations and allow them back into your life (even with a magic spell working against you), but at the same time, proved that you can and should cut toxic people from your life if all they do is hurt you — and you’ll have friends to back you up on that. 

Thank You

This episode was just… cute. Just too damn cute. And the animation was fabulous, the juxtaposition of hot and cold as transformed through a helpful act was stunningly beautiful by the end. 

Holly Jolly Secrets II 

The second part to Holly Jolly Secrets not only created more diversity in the AT world (with Jake’s clothing choices) but we also began to see Ice King as more than just an antagonistic force, and so did Finn and Jake. While the tapes were odd, they revealed more about how Ooo came to be and about the Ice King himself. Honestly, this episode made me really invested in watching more Adventure Time, because of the world they had built and simply wanting to know more about the Ice King and his complex past.

I Remember You 

After watching this episode, I sat and cried for a good, long while. No cartoon had ever expressed for me the feeling of losing yourself to something outside of your control (like mental illness) before, and none has since. With this episode and the episode “Simon and Marcy,” it sealed the deal that Adventure Time was one of my favorite shows. 

Honorable mention: Escape from the Citadel. I was happy that Adventure Time chose to explore the idea that biology/heritage doesn’t always factor into the person you become, nor do parent’s (bio or otherwise) bad actions reflect poorly on you as a person — and sometimes they hurt you just as much as others. I still don’t know how interactions with Finn’s Dad will be resolved, but I do respect them for having that moment of introspection that sometimes your DNA-contributors can be giant butts. As a person conceived by terrible, unforgivable actions, I respect the show for diving headfirst into this for a kid’s show. 

It’s a Good Recommendations kind of day!

Asker pallore-m Asks:
Event Horizon is AMAZING. Do you have any films alike it you could advise?
findchaos findchaos Said:

Absolutely! Though, fair warning: I’m not usually a fan of the “shit goes down in space” genre (which goes to show exactly how awesome Event Horizon is), so they’ll be movies that focus more on similar atmosphere and/or scares, not necessarily similar settings. And without further ado, here we go!


  • The Shining - A classic. If you haven’t seen it yet, do; if you have seen it, watch it again— you already know that shit is amazing. This matches Event Horizon surprisingly well in terms of protagonist-turned-antagonist, stark and unsettling atmosphere, and the gradual escalation from spooky to surreal nightmare. Very fun.


  • Cube - If you want to skip the character building and go straight to people trying to survive being trapped in a torture box, this is for you. It doesn’t sound complicated, because it really isn’t, but still worth a viewing if the climax of Event Horizon struck a chord with you. The set(s) are a dead match, really.


  • The Thing (1982) - Isolated scientists/researchers getting killed of in increasingly gruesome ways. Familiar, right? This movie, however, does an equally grand job of personalizing the characters in peril and the hopelessness of their situation is almost outshone by the amazingly creative (and downright scary) special effects that are anything but dated. Also, that goddamned dog. It should’ve won an Oscar, but it probably would have hate-stared the award committee to death.


  • Ghost Ship - I’m pulling this one out of the “so bad it’s good again” folder. Don’t get me wrong: it’s high-octane early-2000s horror shlock, but it’s FUN. That opening scene will stick with you forever, whether it made you laugh or not. Still! Derelict ship with a rescue crew discovering that it houses some supernatural evil? How could I not mention it?


  • [REC] (2007) - Don’t bother with the American remake, because the original is far superior and the ending is much scarier. Certainly more of a found-footage “zombie outbreak” movie, but there’s a reason that phrase is in quotation marks. I won’t spoil it for anyone, just rest assured that it’s worth a view!


  • Grave Encounters - Another found-footage film that exceeds expectations. The first few minutes, you’ll be sure that there’s been a huge mistake and you’re watching something embarrassingly bad, but WAIT. As things start to go wrong in the abandoned hospital, they go really, really wrong and with competent effects to make for some great scares.


  • House on Haunted Hill (1999) - Say what you will, but I’m a rabid fan of this ridiculous movie. It’s a film that’s very self-aware of the inevitable goofiness of horror and plays into it, making the actual scares and gore even more shocking when they happen. Plus, motherfucking Jeffrey Combs. And Geoffrey Rush. And a cameo by James Marsters. C’mooon.

Like most movie lists, especially horror, I could go on and on and on... But! Those are definitely my top suggestions for “if you liked Event Horizon.” And to sate those people who still want “shit goes down in space,” stick with Alien, Solaris, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Sunshine, Moon, etc., etc… Whatever. Space, I guess.

Thanks for asking!


When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something


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Event Horizon (1997)

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