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Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet! I can’t wait for today (having written this yesterday afternoon), when we’ll go to the North Market and pick out our dream dinner, hopefully with a little wild bird-feeding thrown in there.

Both the day and the place are pretty special: the North Market was where we spent our first real date, you were so confused why I bought a bag of crackers on our way out the door. Minutes later, we were outside surrounded by a gaggle of sparrows clamoring for crumbs. I loved watching you laugh at the birds while the breeze slipped through your hair. It was a perfect day.

And we have Valentine’s itself, the day— back in 2003 —when we first decided to make something romantic of our friendship. The very next year, you and I were picking out a vintage opal ring at (one of the many) the local antique shops. Sure, I knew what it was when we were choosing it, but I still cried when you actually asked me as soon as we got home. Funny enough, our future very first apartment alone together was right across the street from that store. We could’ve thrown that ring from the antique store (also, through a wormhole) and hit ourselves three years in the future.

All in all, it’s been a fantastic last 8 Valentine’s Days with you and I’m just so excited to have this 9th one with you today. I hope you’re having a good one already, my beautiful girl, and that I can just keep making them better for you throughout our lives.