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There might not be anyone on the internet on Sundays, but I figured I would give this a shot:

To practice free-hand PS drawing more, I’ve been doodling off-and-on and producing things like this. Unfortunately, my ideas usually run pretty dry after 10 minutes of sketching and my wife is getting tired of being bothered by my constant whining of ‘what should I draaaw’. So! What should I draw?

I’ll be doing a few sketches later tonight at around 8PM, and if you’d like to send in your ideas, I’d be more than happy to attempt them. I’m trying to stick mainly to uncomplicated scenarios (no 'ten cats on a unicycle playing backgammon with a shark on the Titanic full of passengers'-things), but if you have a favorite person, yourself (I’ve enabled photo replies), a video game character, comic character, etc., it would be fun to cherry-pick ideas from Tumblr’s head!

Addendum: If you chance by this post and want to send something in and it’s not pre-8pm Sunday, feel free to drop me a reply or ask anyway. I’ll be sketching for a while tonight and I’ll need ideas for later, as well. If I like yours, I’ll be sure to get to it!

  1. colorizedlife answered: i like your drawings :) ive always wanted to see a drawing of frank n furter drunk D: i think that would be funny xd keep on the nice work!
  2. reubenh answered: Yo, I dunno if this is to late. But how about a cool or funny looking dragon :)
  3. puddleofclay answered: Someone surfing but the waves are made of graffiti arrows.
  4. hexladymay said: Adventure time fanart. There can never be enough adventure time fanart.
  5. insufficientdata00 answered: A big angry bullet from Mario!
  6. spoopyhobo answered: Hitler doing the limbo
  7. whowasntthere answered: Because I’m a good wife: Claude shirtless (with tattoo) from you-know-what.
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    My wife is asking for sketch suggestions. Help me help her. I want to do things that don’t involve her yelling at me...
  9. citizen-kitten answered: Princess Princess in your fabulous style?!
  10. gamefreakerzero answered: Tristana from League of Legends
  11. marvellyous said: Cthulhu
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