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awkwardpariah said: Ok, now here’s the brain boiler: Ghost in the Shell the film or Blade Runnerr?  


I’m going to have to say ‘Ghost in the Shell.’

Granted, I could argue the qualities of both films until kingdom come, but I do have biases when it comes right down to it: I saw Ghost in the Shell first, I have particular slant towards quality animated features, and I appreciate that said film delves into the same theme as the other, but from the android’s perspective rather than from an outsider’s/human’s one.

They’re both great films, but if I’m ever presented with similarly fantastic and thought-provoking stories for comparison, I’m always going to side with the animation version. Visual artist solidarity ‘n all.

  1. awkwardpariah said: Visually I consider them equals (and I have friends who would disembowel me for saying that), Blade Runner was more well written; but Ghost in the Shell had the better story. BUT if I had to choose I would have to give it to Blade Runner.
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