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I tried to help :/

Thank you and much appreciated, even if it wasn’t a complete success! It is a bit of a pill— and an all too common occurrence —that when you ask someone to properly credit a post, they simply say “oh, I can delete it!” as if deleting the post was somehow any better for the creators after it had already gone public and been viewed by, as they said, thousands. Not exactly the nicest sentiment in the world, and gives you pause to ask for proper sourcing at the risk of your work not being seen at all. It’s a hard place to be in and a difficult place that most large sites put us comic and content creators in every day. It should be pretty easy to just ask politely “Can you source this?” and have them, y’know… source it. A link edit is at least as easy as an outright deletion. I’ve done it myself when I’ve made source mistakes and I never got upset about it - in fact, I usually apologize to the proper source. People do make mistakes, but they also have the ability to fix those mistakes.

I went back and checked, and while the AutoStraddle poster had nice things to say about our comics and added credit, they source-linked deviantArt. Not… exactly… what we were going for, and still no ad revenue out of that. But, I guess they tried, which is better than nothing at all or outright deletion, so ehhhhh…..