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Brand New Donation Rewards!

Love the comics? Polish up your screen with them when you donate any amount to either comic! Not only are there two new FindChaos wallpapers to add to the original set, but we’ve introduced two wallpapers to ChaosLife, as well!

You’ll get access to their secret location to download at your leisure after completing your donation through PayPal (no account required). You can have them all (from both comics!) or just choose your favorite, and each comes in a huge variety of sizes to suit every screen!

It’s just our way of showing thanks for your incredibly vital support!

(And as a note to anyone with a current subscription/recurring donation account: if you need or want the wallpapers link, just drop us a line and we’ll get it to you right away!)

  1. sunripeshadows said: Hey! Just sent a donation—you guys rock! I don’t have much, but I like to show my support. Keep up the smiles!
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    These two are amazing
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    Want some lovely art for your desktop background while also supporting two of the most awesome, wonderful people ever?...
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    Oooh damn, that Fragile wallpaper!
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