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Penny Arcade dude makes transphobic tweets, then whines about how people are being mean to him on the internet. Your life, so hard, bro.

See other great hits like:

And qualifying himself by having a trans* friend that said he was a-okay to be transphobic and misogynistic(! yay, we can all go home, your friend said it was okay), when in his own e-mail to her he said:

I am happy to treat someone however they want to be treated. Wanna be a guy or a girl or a fox or whatever and I will be happy to treat you that way.

 But I think that is very different from the physical reality of your human body.

And I’m off. I’m not going to argue this or that about him any more, because he’s obviously set where he wants to lie, and he’s said exactly what he thinks and feels. I’m just going to take comfort in tweets like this, instead, which remind me that there are intelligent, not-gross people out there:

This whole thing has been like watching someone set fire to their house by throwing wadded up, gas-soaked dishrags around. They narrowly escape the blaze and you think, “man, that was incredibly stupid. Why would anyone—” and then he went running right back into the house.

I can’t even fathom the motivation to do this.

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    this is really fucking disappointing.
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    He is a piece of shit! Holy crap, I used to love Penny Arcade. Welp, fuck it and fuck him.
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