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Remember this comic from over a year ago? Remember how much the bill shocked, outraged, and horrified people, whether they supported abortion or not? Well, Ohio just picked it up and ran with it to its batshit conclusion. In a sense, the comic still works perfectly, just without its punchline concession, because that shit is actually happening.

You can let Rachel Maddow explain to you all of the anti-abortion details in Ohio’s new budget, including defunding any rape counselling service that even mentions the option of abortion, redefining “pregnancy” as the moment a sperm fertilizes an egg and not when the viable egg attaches to the uterus (by the way, that means no picking up Plan B or morning-after pills at the pharmacy, you have to make an appointment and go to a physician), and absolutely no abortions without an invasive ultrasound probe and a lengthy description of potential fetal pain at every stage of pregnancy. 

Oh, by the way, it also mandates that physicians lie to the women:

It compels abortion providers to tell patients that a fetus can feel pain and that a woman who has an abortion can increase her risk for breast cancer. This claim, touted frequently by anti-abortion activists, has little basis in fact. “The scientific evidence,” notes the American Cancer Society, “does not support the notion that abortion of any kind raises the risk of breast cancer or any other type of cancer.” — full article

Also, ignoring any of these new restrictions for the sake of the woman’s health has been allowed only in a “medical emergency," instead of a "medical necessity.” What difference does that make? It means that, even if a doctor can rightly predict that the woman’s life will be endangered by the pregnancy, they must wait until the woman actually begins to die before they perform the abortion. And the penalty to the doctor for not waiting until the Grim Reaper’s appearance? Up to $1 million in fines and conviction of a first-degree felony.

This is beyond politics, beyond empathy, beyond medical reasoning, this is an attack on women.

Governor Kasich has betrayed Ohio, and will cause pain and suffering to countless women across the state because of it. Don’t let his vicious political move go unnoticed. Boost the signal. Let him know the whole goddamned world is ashamed of him, and likewise, any politician who would put a platform ahead of any human being’s rights and health.

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    Why should they not use governmental powers to force others into doing what they want when they are so obviously right?...
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