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We ARE planning on LiveStreaming again sometime soon, even though we don’t have a set date. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to advertise plenty in advance so it won’t be missed.

Similarly, we’re planning on doing a Q & A Volume 2 video right away! It’s like a LiveStream anytime, with our face-meats!

So, if anyone has any feedback for either of these two occurrences, feel free to answer via Reply, Ask or Reblog! They could be answers to burning questions like:

  • Do you want the next LiveStream to feature comic creation or simply random sketches?
  • What questions would you like answered in the next Q & A video?
  • If you could be either a walrus or a slime mold, which would it be?

…And that’s all of the questions so far. Also, we’ll try to make a point of making more of our Asks in rebloggable format like so, so that the unwilling don’t need to see so many repeated over their dash.

Don’t worry, we’ll all have a great time together!

  1. lunulata said: Slime mold. They’re cool. Also, maybe some comic creation? Though the random sketches were pretty great last time. :D
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