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For those of you who missed the ’90s (in either sense of the phrase), I present: The Best Episode of Rocko’s Modern Life Ever.

..Except anything with Peaches in it.



Meet Bee

Bee is a young lady trying to make her way in the world. She often acts before thinking, which can lead her into trouble (and adventure!). She also has a strong, nurturing personality, and doesn’t think twice about taking in Puppycat when he needs help. Although her laid-back-space-casey attitude and lack of skills tend to keep her from maintaining a job for long in the real world, she isn’t someone who easily gives up, and with the experiences she gains at the magical temp agency she stumbles on, she’ll finally have the chance to find out what she’s meant to do with her life.

Natasha Allegri’s “Bee & PuppyCat” arrives this fall on Too Cool! Cartoons, a cartoon shorts anthology show on Cartoon Hangover.

Oh my god.

You guys, oh my god.

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Remember that time the Beetlejuice cartoon referenced a 1930s song for a few seconds? I do, 23 years after it happened, every time this song comes around on our playlist.

The secret to our marriage.