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I was lucky enough to marry my muse.

What the World Needs…

Happy Birthday, Angel!

Speaking as someone on cold medicine…

In some strange cosmic alignment, both comic pages have updated today! So, if you’re a fan of FindChaos, hop over here, and if you prefer ChaosLife, there’s something here for you, too!

If you’re a fan of both, you’re my favorite.

Don’t tell the others.

This week has been a fruitful one for our websites, with ChaosLife sporting a brand new gallery page (doodles, comics, holy crap!), and FindChaos getting a lil’ makeover complete with a long-awaited cast page! Find out stuff about these characters you never knew! Or did know. Whatever. But enjoy, all the same!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see in the near future on either site, just shoot us an email at and we’ll put it on our To Do list!

I.. really am a dick. People might think I’m the nice one in this relationship, but I’m not.

It didn’t go nearly as well as I planned.

Puppet News: reporting the important things!

It’s not a difficult concept.