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Hey, a short comic!

Yes. Yes. A million times, yes.


Hark, a Vagrant: Chopin and Liszt

You don’t even need to see these full-size to know that they are awesome.


The best guest strips, I feel, are always so far removed from the actual comic that they can’t/won’t be compared to it.  Don’t try and match or outdo the original author’s style.  It’s always more interesting when you make it your own!  Here are some of my favorite guest strips from over the years.

Edit:  Okay, well apparently Tumblr is donkeydicks and won’t let you view these in their native size…

Sometimes, the best humor is the simplest. Or grievous bodily injury. Y’know, whichever.

We have an Official Site now! See FindChaos in its new slick webcomic form and catch up on the latest chapter, These Will Go.

It never fails.

I’ve made a powerful enemy.

It’s a new page day at! Just like every Wednesday, but it’s worth mentioning.

Also, several new prints have found their way into the Etsy shop, including “Fun with My Schizo Wife,” “Train of Thought,” “A Harsh Lesson For Link,” and “Adventure Time”! Comics on paper? You, too, can enjoy this 20th century marvel of entertainment today! No way!