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Or know someone great who is and does, I would appreciate hearing from you. Just a short bio on your work, and a link, if you have one, would be lovely.

It’s for something cool, but I don’t want to give away too much yet, while we are still in the very early stages. No one will be solicited or anything like that, no lists are being made up for any reason, just trying to get a good sense of who is making comics that is lgbtq. Webcomics, mini-comics, whatever, it’s all good.


(Note, if you can’t reply, please try reblogging, rather than private messaging, I don’t want to lose track of anyone so I’m hoping to keep all the responses in one place).

I’ve never self-identified as any sexuality, but I suppose by the time you’re a lady married to a lady, you have to shrug and admit you’re lesbian. My wife and I work as a comic-duo: she does the writing, I do the illustrating. However, we’ll often consult each other on story and art direction, as well as overall character designs and extra details, so it’s impossible to draw a completely solid line where my work ends and hers begins. We’ve only begun producing actual comics this last year, but we’re foolhardy enough to take on several comics at once to make up for lost time.

Our biggest project is FindChaos, an ongoing graphic novel with dark undertones.

We also do short stories like Every Day (completed), and Forever, a series in which my wife handles the digital coloring.

And finally, there’s ChaosLife, a sporadic, humor-based comic that documents our lives together (I suppose that makes it an LGBTQ comic?), as well as other silly nonsense that doesn’t fit with more serious work.

Fun times!

In which a returning character provides you with a musical interlude. It’s moving, really.

Toxoplasmosis: No Laughing Matter.

One of the most challenging parts of illustrating comics is that you’re often faced with things you’ve never drawn before, yet are vital to the scene. You pretty much have to learn to draw it real fast: not only does it have to look right, but you need it to blend with all of the things you can illustrate easily. And you know what, guys?

Cars are freaking hard.

But nowadays, thanks to Photoshop and the internet, you can find clip art that fills in your skill gap and blends in seamlessly with your comic. For tomorrow’s page, I’m saving time and agony by employing this method! Like so:

Completely. Seamless.

I hope you’re as excited as I am.

(Disclaimer: Don’t really use clip art. It makes baby Jesus dead-er.)

Here’s a new FindChaos page for all you late-nighters! It really illustrates how Gaki deals with complications (i.e., he doesn’t).

Also, did you know that tomorrow is Hourly Comic Day? Because I did! My hand has never been as fearful as it is right now! But perhaps you’ll gain some insight into our oddball lives. Or perhaps watch me go down in flames after the goal of drawing a comic every single waking hour. Either way, should be fun!

Here’s the first batch of my Hourly Comics for Hourly Comic Day! 7am - 9am

Here’s the full set of my Hourly Comics for Hourly Comics Day as promised! Click here to see an even larger image (independent of Tumblr’s dashboard). I hope everyone enjoyed it!

I keep getting questions asking me what my Livejournal name is, but I really don’t have one anymore. Do people still use Livejournal? Should.. ..should I get a livejournal account again?

I have spent the last several hours fleshing out a blueprint of the front(!) of the Montgomery mansion for this week’s FindChaos page. I’m still not quite done, and that page is going to include some of the foyer to boot.

I.. I just…

Okay, I’m making an executive creative decision starting now: the rest of this series will take place in a desert wasteland. All of the characters are just going to be standing around in sandy nothingness.

And no one will be in anyone’s view. They can shout.

What I’m up to right now:


Happy early Valentine’s Day from the Joker!

(Also, I know it’s totally arguable whether the Joker would know Batman’s identity or not, but 1. it seems to depend on the storyline you reference, and 2. shut up. Poop head.)