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Streaming the coloring of the next FindChaos page in 30 minutes! Exciting..


A little afternoon PS painting I did of my lovely, talented wife, based on a recent photo I took. Now to go cuddle that handsome brute… 

There’s something intensely spooky about glancing over to the screen and seeing yourself staring back. I’m intensely flattered, my wife makes me look 100x prettier.


Random sketch for Friday night: Werewolf girl.

I love it when my wife sketches. Also, the way she draws lips. Mmmmhmm…

Cinereous - Ink & Digital Collab

I’ve been thumbnailing our pages for the Beyond Anthology, and I just got too damned excited about how this layout is going to keep it to myself. It’s nice when the ideas in your head translate smoothly into reality.

Comic Illustration Clip

A short little clip of FindChaos (specifically this page) being drawn. It also illustrates exactly how rough my “pencils” are (those light grey squiggles all over the place) before I draw the final lines. I’m an inker’s worst nightmare.