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I made the absolutely awful mistake of venturing into this Tumblr today.

"Really," I thought, "how bad could it be? It’ll probably be worth a few laughs!"

I.. I don’t think I could have prepared myself for this. It hurt me in ways I never imagined possible. I’m not even reblogging any of this shit. It’s just too awful.


The eye in the upper-right corner looks the MOST like my wife’s but still not right, because her eye only has a little gold in it sometimes. Not even kidding. It comes and goes.

None of these look like mine. I’m thinking I need to photograph our irises.

(via fuckyeahkittens)

I said we’d photograph them. Our irises, in crazy detail.

How did you do this? It’s amazing!

Thank you! Nothing special, I suppose. Just holding a flashlight very close to the eye and using the macro setting on our camera (Canon Rebel XSI EOS). After that, we just used Photoshop to crop out all the extraneous detail (eyeball white) and bob’s your uncle!

Sometimes, Reddit has gems. How else would I know this glorious cat exists?

Taking some pictures of my wife’s amazing eyes. They’re just so striking, and combined with everything else, just… ppphhhbt. One of the many, many reasons I married her. <3 <3 <3

(Also, she’s extremely trusting of my fascination with her eyes, considering I used to joke about eating them when we were kids. Yes. Joke….)

Eyes - An Expression Exercise

Given the huge range of stylistic choices in how to draw eyes, I didn’t think I could offer a very comprehensive lesson on the subject. Instead, I touched on my pet interest: expressions.

To distill the exercise even further, simply: don’t underestimate how often people look to eyes as cues for characters’ emotions, even if the rest of their faces show a different expression. Eyes reflect subconscious feelings; the placement of a couple extra lines in an illustration can convey a thousand words.