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We have an Official Site now! See FindChaos in its new slick webcomic form and catch up on the latest chapter, These Will Go.

It’s a new page day at! Just like every Wednesday, but it’s worth mentioning.

Also, several new prints have found their way into the Etsy shop, including “Fun with My Schizo Wife,” “Train of Thought,” “A Harsh Lesson For Link,” and “Adventure Time”! Comics on paper? You, too, can enjoy this 20th century marvel of entertainment today! No way!

Yesterday’s page is accompanied by a blog entry that provides some depth in an otherwise punch-filled moment. And you thought it was going to be all sound effects.

A new comic and a new page over at! It’s like Christmas in June!

Your Christmases have superstitious cats and vicious beatings, too, right?

Conceptual character sketches from Chapter 2 (and 3, in Mary’s case) of FindChaos.

(Edited to not use Tumblr’s slideshow function, which, apparently, kills computers.)

For those of you interested and/or currently reading our other series, FindChaos, we’re busily streamlining the viewing process! For the most basic fix, you can now click the image instead of “Next” for ease of viewing.

Second, we have the very kind Thomas Pickert to thank for a Greasemonkey script that animates the page navigation (if you click the nav buttons) and pre-loads pages to avoid any lag. It’s pretty darned awesome and will likely become a build-in to the page in the future. Until then, feel free to implement it into your own Greasemonkey scripts!

Here’s the installation:

(Sorry, it currently only works with Firefox!)

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Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is a pretty darned amazing song and was featured in Page 1 of These Will Go:

(Click here to see the page for reals.)

Vindication for those who noticed, pointless information for those who didn’t.

The More You Know...

It’s a dialogue bonanza this New Page Day at FindChaos!

The weeks just keep flying by, because it’s time for another New Page Day!

This New Page Day wraps up Chapter 2 of FindChaos, but no worries! There’s another chapter speeding right along next week. I’d tell you more about it, but that would be telling.

Read onward!

Today’s New Page Day marks the beginning of Chapter 3! Whoo!

Incidentally, that means you just get a cover this week.