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Happy early Valentine’s Day from the Joker!

(Also, I know it’s totally arguable whether the Joker would know Batman’s identity or not, but 1. it seems to depend on the storyline you reference, and 2. shut up. Poop head.)

  awkwardpariah replied to your photo: As mentioned in today’s ChaosLife blog post, K was…

You have a Harley?

Haha, no. It was actually a reference to one of our mutually favorite comic books, Mad Love. Like so:

The fact that this exchange accurately depicts so many of our exchanges is just icing on a very weird cake.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

In celebration, we’ve lowered the prices and added stationery options to both Valentine’s Bat and Duality!

(Not to mention, Duality makes a damned fine iPhone case and skin, if I do say so myself.)

Happy shopping, and don’t forget about the free shipping through tomorrow (Sunday, Jan. 27)!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re too busy drawing porn to make a new Valentine’s Card this year, but I’m still a fan of the oldies. If Batman isn’t your thing (you filthy heathen), you can always send along some cats instead. <3