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Inaugural Tumblr octopus!

My first stab at painting on wood— and I enjoyed it immensely. Watercolor with graphite and white charcoal.

(It’s a grackle.)


Kenneth Frazier, Woman with a Rose

(source via Gatochy on Flickr)

In one of those internet searches that lead from here to there, we stumbled upon one of my favorite paintings. Particularly, this one:

Painted by Sir John Everett Millais in 1878, it depicts the ill-fated Princes Edward and Richard in 1483. Two of the renowned casualties of the War of the Roses, it’s been a mystery for some time exactly how and why they were murdered.

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I am renouncing ever painting koi, because all I could possibly make will be an insult to this.

Seriously. 3-fiken’-D?! I’m just.. I’m done.

A thing I did for a thing (house finch with daylilies).

WIP - An oil painting I’ve been working on recently. I need to let the top portion dry before I can add more detail, but the bottom portion is going to stay negative space. For some reason, I just like the foreboding feeling all of the ground gives it.

We just added a new print to our Society6 shop: Winter Wren! It’s also available as stationery and iPhone cases and skins!

Also newly added to the stationery, skins, and cases category: What Time Is It?, Entropy, and White Forest!

What Time Is It?




White Forest



A little afternoon PS painting I did of my lovely, talented wife, based on a recent photo I took. Now to go cuddle that handsome brute… 

There’s something intensely spooky about glancing over to the screen and seeing yourself staring back. I’m intensely flattered, my wife makes me look 100x prettier.

Boy Blue of Fables - Commissioned Painting

A recent instance in which I was commissioned for a physical painting rather than a digital piece. Linework was laid out with a pen before the tones were created using sumi ink in various washes.

(As a personal, nitpicky artist’s note, I’d like to add that the lightning is a true white in reality, but since this was a larger piece, what you see is an imperfect photo rather than a scan.)


Oil Paints

My wife sometimes does oil painting (for fun and for commissions - this is the latter) and we usually take progress shots for clients. While so far this one is fairly underwhelming (this is literally the very first layer on top of a black background), the lighting was so beautiful today I decided to take some “porn” shots of the painting process as well. The smell of turpentine, oil paints and all of the other little bits and bobs she uses is almost orgasmic at this point.

I’ll admit it: my paint palettes are terrible, filthy things with literal years’-worth of old paints plastered to them. It’s how I roll.

(Also, as a random aside: I am eternally amused by how different dry pigments look from their powdered shades to an actual wet paint. It’s like magic.)

Father’s Day Painting - 2013

My dad has a particular fondness for vacationing in Florida (a tradition from his childhood), and since he wanted something handmade for Father’s Day, I decided to paint something reminiscent of happy memories.

(Also, seashells are apparently fun as hell to paint.)

*click through to read the process*