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Hipster Trap via Reddit in NYC

It never fails.


A new comic and a new page over at! It’s like Christmas in June!

Your Christmases have superstitious cats and vicious beatings, too, right?

Holy Poop. Apparently, I’ve been nominated in Reddit’s Best of 2011 in the Best Submitter category. It’s still in the aggregation phase, but drink was spat comically on our new monitor. My wife wasn’t quite as pleased.

Donating bone marrow, and even getting tested to be registered as a potential donor, has always been a daunting thought for me and my wife. However, after being alerted to a fellow Redditor’s plight and subsequently given more information about the process of getting registered, it was just a no-brainer. To be tested doesn’t have to require drawing blood or any painful procedure. You simply register on DKMS, and within a couple of days, you’ll receive a pair of swabs to swab the inside of your cheek. You mail them back in an included envelope, andBANG!you’re a registered donor. No cost, no obligation (y’know, barring morals).

Hell, only 1 out of 200 donors ever get matched in their lifetimes, and if you do, you’re free to back out. Nonetheless, any medical or travel expenses you might incur through donating is comped by the patient’s insurance. And as a bonus perk,you’re saving someone’s life.

Get registered. Seriously.

If ever you doubted how intensely people have debated or messaged us on this dB debate, I ask you to look no further than these comments on Reddit.

We’ve been following these two since this argument’s beginnings, and I have to say, it has been Reality TV-level gold. It takes every fiber of my being to not proclaim:

Hey all! I added a lot of new prints to my shop! Among them, this Rediquette thing I made a while ago that Society6 chose to feature in their Print Shop! Exciting! We’re also in the works to getting it made into iPhone skins, t-shirts and laptop skins, because apparently Society6 has awesome powers like that.

So feel free to browse the new prints up for sale, and as always, if you have any requests to prints you’d like to have, feel free to ask!

Sometimes, Reddit has gems. How else would I know this glorious cat exists?

Look what made it into our Society6 Shop! All new prints, including the entire Deathly Hallows comic and Reddit’s Knights of New. Plus, buy a print by this Sunday and get free shipping on your entire purchase!

Happy Shopping!