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Filling out the New York Times’ crossword puzzle turned into a Limited-Space-Dirty-Words Scrabble game for us. This wraps up our day’s events of battling a hobo, nabbing vintage coats, crafting crayon hearts, illegally notarizing official documents, and watching cartoons.

I’d make a comic out of our lives, but no one would believe me.

ftleo said: soooo… this is basically comic porn between you two? are you really ok with that? I dont mean to tell you what you should or should not do but, isnt that kind of private?

Oh, sweetie pie. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say this, but it keeps applying: Are You New Here?

The best way I can break this down is through a short list, because there are so many things I want to say, and I’ll try to be as concise as possible.

If we weren’t comfortable with it, we would’ve never pitched the idea in the first place. It seems a little late in the game — after the pitch, getting accepted into the anthology, writing the script, sketching the pages, getting revisions, inking, and sharing previews — to suddenly be struck with shyness. This project didn’t exactly sneak up on us.

Considering a large part of our autobiographical comics feature us in our everyday life, I don’t think we’re that big on privacy. Just… a fair assumption, there.

We’re openly and consistently sex positive, sexual, and lewd. If we were espousing those ideals and then suddenly got Puritan about an illustration of sex that resembled us, that we made and agreed to, I couldn’t help but feel a little hypocritical.

This will be a story that features a married queer couple (one lesbian woman, one agender person) having completely consensual, light-hearted, kinky sex — something the smut genre has often lacked and is in sore need of (heh). I’m happy to provide that for others.

Smut Peddler is a fucking amazing Comic Anthology that gets rave reviews in every medium. We’re both completely excited to be in it and even more stoked that it will be us having sex on the pages of Smut Peddler. Our healthy, happy and amazing sex lives will be in book-form for years to come and we’ll always have it to look back on — which for us, is a dream come true. (Silk Spectre could totes appreciate this sentiment.)

Neither of us view our personal sex lives as shameful or secretive. Neither of us view consensual sex as shameful. Neither of us are outside of our comfort levels on this project. A lot of people have sex, a lot of people want to know how others do it and god knows a lot of people have no idea how queer couples might do it. If our comfort level is at Comic Porn, so be it — if someone wants to judge us for that, it’s completely their bag, not ours.

So, generally, yes, we’re “ok with that.” I would think it was pretty obvious that we were, but there’s more of an explanation for your peace of mind. Some other people might not be okay with that, but they don’t have to buy the book, do they?
Now I’m going to go and fuck my wife silly.
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