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Last night, my wife insisted I include a “subtlety/subtle-tea” pun in this description. Since I imagine she would regret it by now, I have conscientiously avoided it.

Puns: a slippery slope.

After you’ve checked out today’s new page, consider hopping over to the forums, where you have the chance of winning a mystery prize for correctly guessing future major developments! Add your ideas to the “Official FindChaos Thread” in the Main Forum.

Gaki has such a way with the ladies.

As promised: a bonus, second page of FindChaos for this week! I’d love to say more about what’s to come, but that would be telling. Just don’t miss the next page, coming this Wednesday (or sneak a peek early during our next LiveStream this Tuesday)!


Good morning, morning Tumblr people! Have two new pages of FindChaos with your coffee.

Reblogging my reblog for the late-night crowd, or possibly other countries where it is now morning. Either way, two pages today, making for a total of three this week! It’s like a creative marathon.

(via whowasntthere)

New Page Day! With another appearance of Gaki — he’s super happy to be here!

Mary’s bad day just keeps getting worse.

The bonus page arrives!