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The Geneva Conventions don’t apply to snow.


Took some photos of frost while my wife was asleep this morning to show her. Odd little forests developed.

At this point, it’s not at all strange for me to be half-asleep and hear camera shutter clicks. It just proves my level of trust that she’s not taking potentially hilarious blackmail photos while I’m sprawled in bed. Instead, I’m greeted with lovely surprises!

I won’t be slowed down by self-preservation…

ChaosLife: Climate Change

We’ve long debated why this occurs on an annual basis. Is it because K grew up largely in New Orleans while I spent my formative years in tumultuous central Ohio? Is it because our bloodlines come from different regions, mine being so far North in Europe, we forgot what melanin was? Or maybe it’s the fact that K’s chronically anemic, whereas my blood roars through my veins at a snail’s pace, so the whole “I’m freezing to death” memo takes a while to get to my brain.

The world may never know.

Until Winter hits, and then it’s K:

and me:

Love and Kisses,